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Hotel Indigo. Discover Unique Together.
Inspiration is everywhere. It’s in the best places. The uncharted places. The unforgettable places.
They make each neighbourhood unique. We don’t seek to change it. Instead, we put it at the heart of everything we do; especially in our design. That is why each Hotel Indigo is unique.
Among the hustle and bustle of the city, our hotels are inspired by the soul of the surroundings. Each design detail is made of local tales. So that no two Hotel Indigo properties are ever the same.
At Hotel Indigo, every neighbourhood your discover, inspires each hotel we design.

Erfahren Sie mehr über unsere Nachbarschaft!
MAGAZIN: THE CURIOUSEntdecken Sie Einzigartigkeit mit unserem Magazin. Erleben Sie Roms abseits der Touristenpfade, lernen Sie die verborgenen Schätze kennen und tauchen Sie ein in unsere Nachbarschaftsgeschichte.
The spectacular Farnese Arch located at the end of Via Giulia inspired the design of our lobby and common areas. According to Michelangelo's project, the arch should have linked Palazzo Farnese and its gardens to the villa Farnesina, on the other bank of the Tiber.
FIAT 500
All our rooms feature details representing the Italian creativity through the centuries, ranging from the Renaissance to Modern Times, passing through the Baroque period. Our superior rooms are inspired by the legendary Fiat 500, an icon of the 60s and one of the symbols of the Made in Italy, nowadays admired by vintage cars collectors.
The curious Macherone Fountain, located at the end of Via Giulia, inspired the fountain of our cosy internal courtyard. The story tells that the fountain was used by the Farnese family to pour wine instead of water during the celebration days.