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Travel with us, IHG® rewards your loyalty.
IHG® One Rewards program is our way to thank you for your loyalty. The program allows you to earn points every time you stay at any one of our 6000 hotels in the world and to redeem them with great prizes.
Your Rewards, your choice.
Reward Nights: Use your points to stay at any of our 6000+ destinations worldwide - with no blackout dates.

Points and Cash: Use fewer points for your Reward Nights when you pay for part of your stay in points and the rest in cash.

Catalog: Shop our online catalog of brand-name products and gift cards using points.
Digital Rewards: Use your points for magazine subscriptions, eBooks, games, music, movies and more
Points To Miles: Use your points to redeem for airline miles with our partner airlines
Points Donation: Choose from one of our nonprofit partners supporting communities

Earn Elite Status and Deepen Your Rewards
View the Benefits of all IHG® One Rewards Levels.

CLUB Everything you need to make travel easier. As a member, stay connected with free Internet whenever you stay with us. Book a hotel and easily manage your reservations with the IHG® app. Get the Best Price Guarantee when you book directly with IHG.

SILVER ELITE Achieve Silver with just 10 nights and enjoy 20% bonus points on top of your base points.

GOLD ELITE Achieve Gold with 20 nights or 40,000 points and enjoy 40% bonus points on top of your base points.

PLATINUM ELITE Achieve Platinum with 40 nights or 60,000 points and enjoy 60% bonus points on top of your base points.

DIAMOND ELITE Achieve our highest membership level with 70 nights or 120,000 points and enjoy the view from the top. Enjoy 100% bonus points on top of your base points.

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